Tailored workout plans designed to get the best out of your training and get results.

Energised, fun and motivational group fitness classes designed to give you the best and most effective workout.

One to one support to guide, motivate and help you achieve your goals.

Build confidence with your
training and feel confident in a gym or class environment.


I’m looking for a Training Plan to get results


I want one-to-one support with my training

I’m looking to build some confidence in the gym / with my training

I would like to join a Fitness Class

I’m looking to build some confidence in the gym / with my training

I would like to join a Fitness Class

We have a range of plans and options that can be tailored to you and what you want to achieve. No membership. No subscriptions. Choose a plan that fits best with your lifestyle and works for you. Get started. See results!.

Personal Training

  1. One to one session with a friendly professional personal trainer.

Training plan

  1. Fully personalised and tailored workout plan designed to help you achieve your goals.

Confidence building

  1. Confidence building sessions to help you get familiar with the gym equipment and exercises - all under the guidance of a friendly and professional personal trainer.

I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and my fitness levels are better than they have ever been….

Angus Vasili

Craig is a great instructor, very encouraging and motivating.

Sandra Smith

Craig has great enthusiasm for every aspect of exercise which makes you want to come back again and again because you know the exceptional standard of training to expect....

Simon Davies

Great classes. Craig is a great guy, encouraging and motivating. Mixing up the classes means it’s not boring. I look forward to each one.

Liz Owen

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start exercising! Brought out my motivation to get fit and feel good.

Keisha Sheppard

Craig is a great instructor and has helped me massively on the road to my own personal goals! Highly recommend

Lee Evans

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